Scanning Checks into Fifth Third's Remote Capture System

  • Endorse Checks using the endorsement stamp provided by Treasury
  • Stack checks with similar sizes together
  • Create a control total tape
  • Click on the Internet Explorer icon
  • Enter your Fifth Third log on and password into
  • Click on Treasury Management tab
  • Click on Scanning and Reporting
  • Click on Capture Deposit
  • Chose your Location
  • Enter your Control Total in the amount box
    • Do NOT change the processing date
  • Click on Create Deposit – virtual deposit ticket will appear
  • Place checks in scanner – front of check should be facing away from the scanner, edge of check should go to line, an orange light should light up when checks are in properly
  • Click Scanning (bottom left corner) button
  • Make sure deposit is balanced…if not
    • Verify check amount
    • Verify MICR information
    • Check image quality
      • Any area highlighted in yellow is an error – correct and hit “enter” on your keyboard.
  • Once in balance the information bar in the middle of the screen will be green, click Close (bottom middle button)
  • Click Release
  • Click Transmit
  • Verify Delivery (acknowledged)
  • Log off Electronic Deposit Page (in green area on left side of screen)
  • Click off blank page (X in upper right hand corner)
  • Log off of Fifth Third Direct (click Log off button, upper right hand corner)

After Deposit is completed

  • Wrap and staple control tape around scanned checks
  • Initial control tape
  • Date tape with scan date and destroy date
  • Keep checks in a locked, secure area
  • Destroy (cross-shred) checks 14 calendar days after they were scanned
  • Create a KFS Advance Deposit document same day as deposit
  • For KFS assistance, contact FMS help desk at 812-855-0375

Fifth Third Direct Help Line: 800-488-6773

Click here to download a Word format of these instructions.